Launceston Flood Levee


Client: Launceston Flood Authority

Contractors: VEC Civil Engineering, Vos Constructions.

Engineering Edge were engaged to design, document and certify the concrete flood levee transition walls at 6 locations (900m of wall) along the banks of the North Esk River to protect Inveresk from flooding to a 1 in 200 year flood level.  The design was on soft silts to depths of up to 26m with flood heights up to 3m and underflow potential from the soft silts.  Along with this was 600m of combined pedestrian and cycle way including 300m of elevated precast prestressed concrete bridges to enable pedestrians to view the river over the top of the wall.


The levee wall consists of vinyl sheet piles to stop underflow, driven steel piles to support the wall, precast concrete panels with textured finishes for aesthetics and a number of gate structures to enable access through the wall.  Engineering Edge’s design resulted in savings of over $10M on initial budgets.