An innovative group of professional problem solvers, dedicated to crafting complimentary outcomes for the physical and built environment.



Rare are a group of professional engineers, planners and technicians working throughout Tasmania and Australia providing innovative, cost effective and buildable solutions for industry, government and the community.



Rare Innovation Pty Ltd has been formed through the incorporation of two reputable and successful Tasmanian Engineering firms, Engineering Edge a company that has been operating for 13 years and AJL Consulting Engineers who have been operating for 5 years. The company directors Rod Neville, Alan Leake and Rod Jesson have over 60 years’ combined experience as industry wide respected engineers. Through the incorporation of the groups we have a team of specialised engineering designers, technical officers and draftsman who are second to none. We are a team that can service your residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure needs. Rare desire to be at the forefront of the engineering. Utilising the latest in technology to deliver you a world class result from the start to the end of your project.


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