We are finesse.

We provide structural design services and economical solutions for even the most challenging of architecturally designed residences.

We work nationally on architecturally designed homes and multi-residential developments.

Whether you are building, renovating or restoring, you can be confident in our delivery of economical designs in steel, concrete, masonry and timber.

Our reliability is proven through the quality results in our work that you can see, touch and experience, giving you the certainty of great results right down to the last detail.


We are dedicated to providing a complementary service, ensuring your projects are executed efficiently in partnership with architects, building designers, and contractors.

We are known for our ability to connect with and build lasting relationships with our clients, contractors and key stakeholders such as council and government authorities.

Raring to go?

Discover the benefits of our unique engineering expertise by adding our team of experienced professionals to give your project an added level of sophistication.