We are initiative.

We specialise in solving problems. We have a long and successful history of delivering challenging projects with our team of skilled employees. We have unparalleled skills in design and use of the latest technologies to create effective and economical engineering solutions. We are uniquely positioned in the field to provide a wide range of services state-wide and nationally.

We have the distinction of attracting remarkable individuals who share a passion for working together in design. Our head office is situated in Launceston, the heart of Tasmania.

Our drive comes from the lasting impact that our designs have in shaping the world around us, creating great outcomes, and making society better.

“We engineer civil, and structural and hydraulics to solve a problem that people have. We engineer solutions to make infrastructure better for society.”

– Rod Neville, Director

“The most beautiful part about a civil job is when the asphalt has just been laid and the line markers go along and put the crisp white line on the beautiful black asphalt.”

– Rod Jesson, Director

“Our children, grandchildren will be using the things we help create. This drives a greater attention to detail, a greater concern for not just our role but everyone’s role in order to get the very best outcome.”

– Andrew Goelst, Director

“Engineering can be both art and science we don’t just sit here playing with calculators. The engineer is one of a privileged few that get to feel the joy and satisfaction of turning ideas into reality with the added bonus of making a real difference in the world. ”

– Brendan Stanborough, Senior Structural Engineer

“Sustainable engineering is not just about creating functional structures, it’s about building a better future for everyone.”

– Adam Seaton, Senior Structural Engineer

“Finance and administration may not be engineering but we do make our mark operating behind the scenes to facilitate communications between staff and clients with the aim of making an experience with Rare a positive one.”

– Susan Davies, Practice Manager