We are continuity.

We don’t see problems – we see solutions. We understand the needs and demands of the construction industry because our engineers have been in your position.

Our team of skilled professionals provide you with safe engineering solutions for temporary works that enables your project to keep moving effectively regardless of size or complexity.

Safe and efficient methods and thorough forward planning are a key benefit of our services. We have well established procedures and deliverables, giving your project the right support, right from the start.


Benefit from our experience in temporary works engineering throughout your project. We offer a wide range of temporary works services including design and verification of shoring, false/form works, scaffolding, crane pads and barriers. We will help you to have all the elements in place in the right position at the right time.

Our services encompass construction efficiency, method engineering, evaluating structures for temporary loading, partial and full demolition and design for safety, identifying what will work and the equipment needed and improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Engage our experts to reinforce your project with the without comprising standards.

Raring to go?

Discover the benefits of our unique engineering expertise by adding our team of experienced professionals to give your project an added level of sophistication.