Project profile.

Client: BluePrint/Hutchinson Builders
Value: $600K
Timeline: 2021

For this commercial retaining wall project, we used Versawall and Vertiblock type walls to create a structural design. Retained heights measured from 1m up to 6m on the boundary, and provided support to barriers and trafficable areas in several locations.

challenges & successes:

Some of the challenges present were the complex boundary interactions with the neighbouring problem, and the heavy surcharge loading to support future adjacent development.

the rare innovation:

In the end, Rare were able to provide an improved outcome for the project aesthetically and economically by adapting and engineering the Versawall and Vertiblock systems.

key benefits:

Provided expertise to both client and builder enabling them to implement a better solution from both cost and aesthetic appeal (when compared to the original design solution). Provided local support to assist builder in resolving issues on and in the ground.