Project profile.

Client: Waratah-Wynyard Council
Value: $800K
Timeline: 2023 – 2024

The new pontoon bridge walkway and viewing platform were part of a community led project to enhance prominent locations of significance for the community and tourism.

challenges & successes:

Working on a strict budget to ensure the project could be completed with the funds available.

the rare innovation:

The viewing platform is a cantilevered steel platform that projects out several meters over the base of the falls, while the pontoon bridge is a floating bridge that’s connects across the Waratah pond, and provides viewing access to the historic rail bridge.

key benefits:

Early on, Rare were able to produce 3D visualisations to support community engagement for the project, and in the end, we were able to carefully balance the economy in materials with form and function to maximise the outcome for the community.